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Definition of human trafficking and Trauma
Strength-based Approach
Strenth-based Relationship
Transactional Analysis and Boundaries
5 Stages of Change


  • Closer Than You Think: Sex Trafficking in Palm Beach County

A look at the actual facts of human trafficking in our backyard, with stats and stories to inform with an eye to reporting and prevention.

  • Children In the Crosshairs

How traffickers target underage minors, tools, websites, scenarios; vulnerabilities traffickers exploit and the psychological impact on victims. What we can do to protect and prevent minors from being trapped.

  • Health Care Providers and Human Trafficking

This presentation meets the requirements for continuing education for mental health and healthcare professionals on how to identify possible trafficking scenarios and how to respond in HIPPA compliant terms.

  • Human Trafficking, 101

A basic overview of human trafficking in the US, looking at both sex and labor trafficking, recruitment, vulnerabilities and potential markers of a trafficking scenario.

  • Leaving The Life – A Real Life Scenario

If they are not physically restrained, why don’t they just leave? Good question! This presentation uses a “Chutes and Ladders” format to explain why is it so difficult for those trapped in a trafficking situation to get out and stay out.

  • Mental Health Issues Associated with Human Trafficking

What is trauma bonding? What are the vulnerability factors most common to trafficking victims? What are the most common struggles for survivors? These questions and more are covered in this presentation. 

  • Red Flags To Look For 

Most trafficking cases are discovered by someone, somewhere, seeing something and reporting. Do you know what to look for? Do you know what to do if you suspect a trafficking scenario? This presentation covers those questions.

  • Ten Things You Can Do

Learn how can regular mortals like you can make a difference! 

  • Victim, Survivor, Overcomer: Triumphant – Diad Art

This piece of art was created for the Victim’s Rights Week Art Show in 2017 by a trafficking survivor in our safe house. It was done in commemoration of a young man who was trafficked with her, who succumbed to the trauma by suiciding several months after they were freed. It tracks her journey beginning from powerless/helpless victim, to survivor, to overcomer and ultimately, triumphant! It is a journey everyone of us must make, but powerfully illustrated by this incredible piece of art.


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