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We truly appreciate your support for our mission.  We offer several ways you can help financially.  All donations are tax deductible under IRS 501(c)3 regulations. We invite you to learn more about our campaigns below:

1% Campaign
a.k.a Hometown Heroes

Making a One-time or Monthly Donation?  Consider making a contribution of 1% of your income as the amount. 

We are asking those individuals and businesses who are concerned about this issue right here in Palm Beach County to consider donating 1% to the goal of reopening a safe house for survivors of sex trafficking here.
1% of… whatever you choose! Perhaps 1% of the money you spend on fancy coffee each month! Or 1% of what you spend on gas? Or electricity? Or income? You get to pick!
We will put you, your business or website on our website and do shout outs on social media to say thanks and draw attention to your investment in your local community!
For businesses, we ask for a minimum of $50/month. To say thanks, we will post your business, logo and short descriptor of the services/products you offer on our website, provide a monthly social media shout out, and highlight your business with an interview and photo in our e-newsletter once a year. (This can be written off as a charitable donation, or as advertising.)
We will do that for everyone too, if you’re interested. Just let us know! Contact us with the information to add your business. 


Bonnie Siegfried – Mary Kay

If you don’t take the time, Time will take you!


With Bonnie Siegfried you have the benefit of over 42 years of experience in the cosmetics industry!! While beginning her Mary Kay career with misgivings, the quality products caused her to be come a true believer!

Learning from and about her clients, Bonnie’s passion is to see their joy and celebrate the transformation they create together!

Plus, she is simply a delight to be around! She is gutsy – moved from Buffalo 17 years ago and started over building her business here. She is curious – I found myself being interviewed while I interviewed her! She is smart, creative and affirming.

As Siskel and Ebert would have said: 👍🏻👍🏻

Find Bonnie at: Mary KayLInkedInFaceBookInstagram


Ways you can contribute:

Round it Up!

Start today by rounding up your credit card purchases to the nearest dollar.  

Monthly Donation

Set up a recurring payment today. Create the amount you would like to begin contributing monthly. 

One-time Donations
One-time donations are available now by entering in your desired amount below. 


Address mailed checks to:
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