Pop-Up at the Laundromat

LightHousePBC has begun its outreach project, Pop-Up at the Laundromat.  This is a bi-weekly mentoring for women in the life at laundromats. Refreshments for all, and a load of laundry for the first 6 women that come. We are building bridges as we position ourselves to reopen a safe house. 

We meet every Tuesday at a laundromat on Broadway in West Palm Beach, bringing a shade tent, refreshments, camping chairs, and a basket with toiletries and feminine hygiene items. We would love to have these “pop-up” all along the Dixie/US-1 corridor in the county. Working closely with the WPB Police Department’s Vice Unit – we are creating a reproducible template for taking this initiative anywhere it is needed.

Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming dates and changes.

Want to help?

• Level: Easy

Help us fund the program by monthly donations. Between laundry detergent, coin-op costs, refreshments and toiletries, each meeting costs roughly $100.

• Level: Medium

Pray for the Pop-Up meetings, 2nd & 4th Tuesdays. 1st: Safety for all concerned. The site has good visibility, but it is in a hardscrabble part of the world – so there is always some level of danger for volunteers and participants. 2nd: We would eventually draw a consistent group of women that we can begin to build relationships with. 3rd: Others would step up to create other Pop-Up sites in the county. 

• Level: Hard

Contact with a proposal to create a Pop-Up series in your part of the county! We will talk about how to make that happen.

Interested in becoming a volunteer for LightHousePBC?  CLICK HERE

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